• Best Blind Corner Cabinet Ideas

    Best Blind Corner Cabinet Ideas

    Best Blind Corner Cabinet Ideas   Best Blind Corner Cabinet Ideas || What can I use besides a Lazy Susan??  Who else is tired of your standard old Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet??! I have a quick little video to showcase you my favorite blind corner cabinet ideas for base and tall units.    I hope you can find fun inspiration in my tips and curation of example pictures. As always, drop me a comment below on my youtube channel if you have questions, suggestions or simply want to say “Hi”!  Take a second to subscribe to my channel after the video and learn all the in’s and out’s on Kitchen Design & Remodeling to…

  • Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends 2021

    Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends 2021

    It’s a beautiful new year of 2021, who else is super excited to see what 2021 has to offer? I am very excited to talk about some of this fun Kitchen Design Trends I have been seeing pop up left and right. Here are my Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends 2021! An absolute must watch video if you are working on your kitchen design & upcoming remodel. I hope you can find fun inspiration in my Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends 2021 and curation of example pictures. As always, drop me a comment below if you have questions, suggestions or simply want to say HI! Take a second to subscribe…

  • How to choose your cabinet installer

    How to choose your cabinet installer || 6 Easy Questions to ask before you hire!

      Designing your kitchen and making all of your selections is only have the project. Getting your cabinets installed correctly up to your expectations is a whole other topic and crucial to a successful Kitchen Remodel. This is why I’ve created today’s video on how to choose your cabinet installer. Your cabinets can be as stunning as can be, but once they fall into the hands of the wrong contractor or installer, you will not receive the outcome you were wishing for. You have one shot at finding the right, experienced cabinet installer, to install your new stunning kitchen. I have put together a list of 6 questions / recommendations…

  • Modern Kitchen Cabinets

    Modern Kitchen Cabinets Lakewood || Brooks Residence

    One of my all time favorite Kitchen Projects was this stunning New Construction in Lakewood. With the help of semi-custom frameless cabinets by Bellmont cabinets, we were able to create this stunning Modern Kitchen Design which will look beautiful for years to come. This look was created by combining maple flat panel cabinet doors, matte black finishes, and Cambria Quartz Countertops with waterfall ends. Bellmont cabinets are the perfect solution when designing modern kitchens. The small door overlays with with this frameless cabinet line, made the custom sized refrigerator pantry wall look precise and clean.  The look continued with custom cabinet features into the bathrooms throughout the house.  See more…

  • White Kitchen Design

    All White Kitchen Design Federal Way || Lee Residence

    Take a look at this beautiful all white Kitchen Remodel in Federal Way. Our customer was looking for a clean, all white Kitchen Design that will keep their kitchen looking up to date for years to come. Featuring a semi-custom framed cabinet line and combining it with a heavy veined Calcutta looking quartz countertop with full height backsplash, our customers received a stunning and timeless new kitchen. See more of our latest projects right here! Schedule your free Consultations!

  • Kitchen Cabinets Tacoma_Williams8

    Transitional Kitchen Cabinets Tacoma || Williams Residence

    Find inspiration in this stunning modern inspired Farmhouse Kitchen we’ve completed in a New Construction in Tacoma. For this project we used custom locally made transitional kitchen cabinets in a painted white finish on a Shaker door detail. Our customer wanted to achieve a modern and elegant twist on the traditional Farmhouse kitchen. To achieve this look, we’ve added just enough trim and details to feel elegant but not overly heavy on the details. It’s a clean fresh take on your white Farmhouse kitchen. Additionally to the kitchen, we then took the same cabinetry and extended the design into the powder room, two upstairs bathrooms, and laundry room. Make sure…

  • Cabinet Stain vs paint_Kitchen Cabinets Tacoma

    Cabinet stain vs paint || How to pick the perfect cabinets for your family

    Cabinet stain vs paint || How to pick the perfect cabinets for your family One of our viewers reached out and actually asked the question on why you would choose a cabinet stain vs paint. This is a great topic to talk about if you are in the early stages of planning and designing your upcoming kitchen remodel. It’s really important you don’t design your kitchen on looks only, that’s only have the battle! Function and materials are key to a successful project and to ensure your kitchen will last for a very long time. It’s an investment and you need to understand how to protect it correctly. Feel free…

  • Grothouse countertops review_image

    Grothouse Countertops Review | Experience with working with Grothouse

    Watch my video below to find out everything you need to know about our Grothouse Wood Countertops Review. Grothouse is one of America’s leading custom wood countertop manufacturer and I put their quality to test!     If you are researching different countertop suppliers for your next kitchen project, you might have stumbled over a company called Grothouse from Germansville in Pennsylvania. Grothouse specializes in a large variety of custom wood countertops. They make tops looking like these awesome pieces you see in my video! Today I will talk about my experience, I will give you a review in working with Grothouse. Let’s talk about the quality, price, and what…

  • Disinfect quartz countertops_blog header

    How to disinfect quartz countertops | Coronavirus Disease 2019

      Today’s video is dedicated to the health of your family and really understanding how to not just clean your quartz countertops from dirt, but more importantly how to disinfect quartz countertops. Today’s video is all in response to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic. I want to give you all the information you need to know on how disinfect your countertops. I’ve had several of my past customers reach out to me personally to ask this question.   What are Quartz Countertops? When we talk about quartz, first what we need to understand is that quartz is. Quartz is a man-made material, containing natural quartz, resins and fillers. This composition…

  • Countertops

    How to choose the right countertops

    Countertops   So over a year ago I did a pretty detailed blog post on our website about the different countertop options you can choose from for your kitchen remodel. Since so much has changed, I wanted to give you all an updated guide for 2020 on how to choose the right countertop material for your next kitchen remodel.  Let’s get started and work through the countertop materials and I will explain the pro’s and cons for you on each of them.   Countertop Materials Wood / Butcher Block  For some, wood and countertops just don’t seem to mix. However, a high quality wood with the right kind of sealer can make…